Managing Commitments

We’ve been told to manage our time and energy but managing our commitments may be the most effective performance strategy because it focusses on improving capacities to coordinate action.

Seminar participants will learn that they do not operate in a vacuum and that HOW they follow through and don’t follow through has consequences to team and organisation productivity.   Failure to effectively manage commitments also impacts personal reputation and trust.   Seminar participants will learn techniques of how to make powerful requests, how to negotiate commitments, and the impacts of reneging or revoking their commitments on their team, organisation and on their own reputation.


Is this for you?

  1. Do you often find yourself in disagreements about whether or not something was done properly?
  2. Are you frustrated by constantly having to check whether something you asked for has in fact been done?
  3. Do you hate being constantly asked whether you’ve done or are going to do something you agreed?
  4. Do you feel pressured to say yes to all of your bosses requests?
  5. Do you find that your requests are going un-noticed and un-answered?

If you answered yes to one or more of these you will benefit from this seminar.

How will you benefit?

At the end of this half-day seminar you will learn,

  1. the critical role commitments play in your career and organisational performance.
  2. how to make a powerful request.
  3. how to break a commitment and how to manage its consequences
  4. how, why and when to negotiate commitments.
  5. how to use commitments to influence your reputation and career.
  6. how a team that consciously manages their commitments benefits not only performance, but also the very experience of going to work.

Upcoming Dates

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