The Professional Edge

University degrees used to be a rare credential that signalled a person’s level of education and by extension their capacity to create value.   Sadly, degrees are becoming standard and increasingly signal nothing about a person’s capacity to produce value.

Every one of us, must take care to demonstrate that we are willing, able and can be trusted to produce value … with or without a university degree.

The Professional Edge is a modular series of workshops (Ambition, Reputation, Networks of Help, Managing Commitments) that teach professional values and practices that enable individuals to compete effectively for the best jobs, salaries and careers.

It can be delivered in modules or in one day and a half-seminar.

Is this for you?

Do you want to learn how to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition?  Do you want to learn the ‘soft’ skills that you won’t learn in any business school?  Participants need not have or be pursuing a university degree.

How you will benefit?

At the end of this seminar series you will

  1. Understand the key to being passionate about your work
  2. Know how to distinguish yourself immediately from your competition.
  3. Build and maintain a powerful context of ambition.
  4. Learn the professional values that will cause you to sought after by customers and employers.
  5. Learn how to build and manage networks of help to fulfil your ambitions and build your career.

Upcoming dates:

Contact me for more information, upcoming dates, or about customising the Professional Edge for your organisation.